About Us

Primary Networking Limited are a provider of advanced virtual hosting, network administration and engineering services and bespoke web applications. We also provide custom security solutions and low cost payment portals for e-commerce. Our servers operate highly customised and sometimes unique services that have been designed from the outset to save you time, money and headaches. Each of our virtual hosts is optimised and secured by extremely experienced and qualified professionals and provided good-to-go. All of our hosting services are provided on a flat-fee basis* so there are no hidden costs to you. The sum of the facilities you need is the annual fee.


Our in-house specialists provide high security hosting to your site at no cost beyond that of your hosting - it's all part of the package. With over a decade of industry experience they bring each and every one of our customers the peace of mind that their valuable content is in safe hands. If you have additional, premium security requirements (such as transport layer security [TLS]/secure socket layer [SSL] hosting) they will arrange that for you too - there's no additional charges for the setup of these facilities.


We can provide managed service for your site or hosting requirements. In this, we look after the security within your server or site as well as without. All your security upgrades, backup regimes, virus defences and anti-abuse systems are looked after for you saving you the time of doing so yourself so you can concentrate on your content or project. If disaster should strike, you are more likely to get back all the data you need and protected from the high recovery or repair costs of doing so - it will be done for you and we'll foot the bill*. You don't even need the expertise to tell us what to do, the service is fire-and-forget - we work out what needs doing and get on with it. If there are other routine jobs that need doing for your specific project we'll add them to our work lists and just get on with them, at no extra charge to you beyond the managed service contract*.


No two projects are the same, if yours has special hosting requirements our engineers will be glad to help you out or point you in the right direction. If one of our facilities doesn't do quite what you'd like or we lack a feature that you need, or just that you have an improvement in mind, drop us a line. If it's a good idea and our other customers may benefit, we'll try to add it*.


Whether you start off small and outgrow your server or service or want to expand an existing operation, we're here to help you. Let us know what it is you're looking for and we'll see if we can arrange it for you. You'll often only pay for the resources you'll need, the setup work's on us*.

Contact customer services for a quotation for your project.

*see terms and conditions